Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Design Check-In

If you've looked at the photos of the site for the Public Health Garden on facebook or if you've walked through the area, then you know that we are dealing with a challenging location. Here is a refresher for you:
It may look intimidating, but do not fret. We have fantastic teams of Professor Dennis Nola's Landscape Architecture students from the University of Maryland working on our designs. Friday was our first check in meeting with the two undergraduate teams in the LARC321 Structures and Materials class. The teams have been researching, visiting the site, and coming up with concepts and initial models and sketches. 

Here you can see them in action evaluating the site:  

We are in very good hands. The teams are coming up with exciting ideas for using recycled materials, maximizing the space, and making sure our plants get what they need (sun!). We are looking forward to the official check in date for the Structures and Materials class this coming week. Stay tuned for more details of how the designs are progressing.

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