Thursday, March 10, 2011

LARC321 Check-In: Transforming a "Forgotten Space" with "Dirty Hands, Sustainable Living and a Healthy Spirit"

Today was our first check-in with the Landscape Architecture students in Professor Dennis Nola's LARC321 Class. The two teams of undergraduate students did a great job filling us in on all the work they have been doing and the ideas they have so far for the Public Health Garden.  We were lucky to have faculty and staff from Facilities Management, the School of Public Health, the Institute of Applied Agriculture and Campus Recreation there with us to comment on the students' initial designs and concepts and ask questions.   

Here you can see a couple of the members from Team Mark (named for the project manager of the team) holding a model they made of the garden site:
Here you can see some of the members of Team Amber (named for the project manager of the team) presenting their sketches:
And here is Allison and Rachel T glowing about how awesome all the students' work is and how thrilling our progress is so far:
One of the concepts the teams mentioned during their presentations included our reclaiming a "forgotten space" between two buildings by putting this garden in place (Team Mark).  Another great concept: "Dirty Hands, Sustainable Living, Healthy Spirit" (Team Amber).

Thank you LARC321! We hope you liked the cookies and we can't wait to see how these designs evolve.

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  1. Wish I was able to attend!! It's clear these budding landscape architects are putting in tons of energy and work.