Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Greenhouse Update

The transplanted eggplant and tomato seedlings (pictured left) are thriving under the care of the Institute of Applied Agriculture's Greenhouse Management class.

Because we weren't sure what percentage of the seeds would germinate, we played it safe and got quite a few going. It's better to have a few extra plants that the club can gift to spread the garden's message of health and community than a sparse selection for the designers, right?

Of course none of these greenhouse gems would be possible without so many generous seed donations from America the Beautiful Fund, Behnke Nurseries and Burpee.

Here are a few pics of the plants from this afternoon:

Although there is a tomato seed packet visible in that last photo, those aren't tomatoes - they are marigolds. Used as a companion plant, marigolds are known for their ability to discourage insects, especially those fond of tomatoes, and keep the soil free of bad nematodes.

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