Friday, April 15, 2011

MLA Student Presentations and Our Design Selection!

Tuesday was an excellent day with three more presentations for the design of the Public Health Garden!  Here are some photos of the MLA students as they presented. 

After the student presentations, feedback forms were collected and reviewed from all attendees from all five the of presentations.  The "jury" (as it was termed) deliberated about the benefits of each of the designs and ultimately came up with a winner! 

Congratulations and thank you to Emilie Carroll, Sarah Capps, and Tom Miller for their beautiful, creative, wonderful (add in positive adjectives here) design for the Public Health Garden.  We are going to ADSB for design approval from the University today (Friday) and then will share their design on the blog. 

Thank you to all the students from the MLA class and LARC321 for their creativity, hard work, and analysis. We can't wait to share more of their work with you on the blog.  You can also go visit the 2nd floor of the Plant Sciences Building were the designs are hanging to check them out for yourself. 

Stay tuned for updates about our (hopeful) approval from ADSB.

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