Saturday, May 28, 2011

Herb Gardening Tips

The Public Health Garden had the pleasure of presenting our project at the Prince George's Herb Society meeting at Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD and we received great feedback and quite a few herb gardening tips. Here are our favorites:

  • Different herbs have different pH, water, and sun requirements - so do a little Google search as you plan your garden.

  • Mediterranean herbs like it hot and sunny, and do not want to be wet. Use lime in their soil and light mulch - or even sea shells.

  • Add a few drops of pure lavender oil to water in a spray bottle and use to deter pests and bugs (including stick bugs).

  • Don't forget about canning and pesto! Yummy ways to preserve summer all year long.

  • Need to preserve other herbs? Try an ice tray. Throw some fresh herbs in the tray with water, freeze 'em, and use the cubes in the winter.

  • If you're going to plant mint or lemon balm, do so in a pot. Otherwise, they will take over.

  • Medicinals are a must: Echinacea produces those beautiful cone flowers too!

  • A little kitty litter goes a long way in terms of deterring groundhogs and other garden hijackers.

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