Friday, June 17, 2011

Crop Swaps

James Williams, St Mary's College of Maryland

This has been a busy week* for the Garden Girls! Members of our executive team have been nurturing and building relationships with the University of Maryland's roof top gardeners, fellow garden clubs, student growers, experienced farmers and local foodies.

Last night, our Farm Manager Deborah Dramby joined Joel Bunker of Grow Annapolis and Sharon New of Local Food Beat on a panel presenting and discussing the local sustainable food movement in Maryland. Speakers and guests snacked on local berries and brainstormed solutions for the challenges local growers and consumers face or could face in the future. Meanwhile, Club President Allison Lilly found a lovely home for the remainder of our greenhouse-dwelling tomato and basil plants: the raised beds atop the North and South campus dining halls.

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to visit our favorite weed-eaters, the Eco-Goats, at St. Mary's College of Maryland and tour of the student-run farm with James Williams. James was particularly taken with our purple beans so we did a good ol' fashioned crop swap. A few cucumbers and servings of beans for a beautiful kohlrabi, some garlic, and a few fancy melon plants.

We will be on site bright and early tomorrow morning swapping harvested crops for time spent weeding and turning over new beds. Stop in anytime between 8-11:00am. The more the merrier!

*Note that a farmer week = 7 days :-)

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