Monday, June 27, 2011

Community Support: ComposTumbler

If you walked passed the garden over the weekend, you may have noticed we did some plant relocating, supply reorganizing and have an awesome new ComposTumbler on site.

After winning one of ten rain barrels in the raffle at the WSSC lecture in College Park last weekend, we received an encouraging email from another attendee and local gardener, Janis Oppelt. Janis offered to donate her gently-used ComposTumbler to the project and our cause. We (obviously) accepted and couldn't be happier about the item and the incredible community support it exemplifies. As a student group dedicated to conservation, re-use and sustainability, we are proud to have mitigated the environmental cost of production and shipping a brand-new ComposTumbler and to have the opportunity to turn garden waste into "black gold" on-site already!

While most of our beans and remaining cucumbers were happily placed into the soil on Saturday morning, the few container plants that were struggling are on the path to becoming rich organic matter in as few as 90 days thanks to Janis's donation.

As always, you can check out our latest crop of photos on our Facebook page.

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