Sunday, June 19, 2011

Water Conservation

Deb and Allie, proud recipients of one of ten rain barrels
from the Aquabarrel raffle

While Garden Guys (Bobby, Scott, Ben and Bob) planted fruit trees and worked on weeds on the hillside, Garden Girls (Allison Lilly, Deborah Dramby and Rachel Tennant) spent Saturday morning learning how to structure and plant a garden in order to make the best use of the 42 inches of rain that fall in our corner of Maryland yearly.

In a one-hour workshop, Community Outreach Manager for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Kimberly M. Knox shared a collection of tips for water conservation. Kimberly Knox is also the coordinator of WSSC's Native Plant Demonstration Garden, a member of the Beltsville Garden Club and Editor of Landscaping for Water Conservation: Xeriscape. In other words: we took a lot of notes!

We learned that planting Multi flora Rose (one of our archenemies on the garden site) was originally encouraged for erosion control, WSSC gets 70% of our water from the Potomac and 30% from the Patuxent and in order to encourage strong roots, it is best to water deeply and infrequently.

After the lecture and drawing, Barry from Aquabarrel showed us the proper techniques for rain barrel installation and Allison managed to fit that rain barrel into the Prius.


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