Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who is ready to garden and get sweaty!?

Hello, friends and volunteers. Immediately following our weekly club meeting in the School of Public Health we will be headed out to the site to clear remaining weeds on the lower portion of the hill, landscape a small entrance with slate stones and stepables, spread donated compost, pot our new shade plants and sow seeds into the beds we prepare. We need lots of volunteers so come on down!

A few safety suggestions:

- Closed-toed shoes are required and long pants are suggested. Garden girls Allison Lilly and Rachel Rosenberg-Goldstein look adorable in the photo, but they are professionals and were only on site momentarily to move these tools into storage. We would prefer that our volunteers wear clothing that can protect them from thorns, heavy tools, insects and sunburn.

- Come prepared. We will have some natural insect repellent sprays, gloves, sunscreen, and first aid on site - but that supply could deplete quickly if we have a lot of volunteers. If you have a known bee allergy, please bring the appropriate medication.

- Hydrate. We have record high heat and humidity in Maryland today so please start drinking water now and bring your re-usable bottle tonight.

- Bring a bag. We have a few items ready for harvest that volunteers can take home on a first pick, first take basis.

- Garden at your own risk. The university is not liable for any injury to person or property.

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