Friday, July 15, 2011

Beat you to it, Grounghog

Last week, that over-eager grazing groundhog pulled off all our blackberries before they were ripe, realized they weren't ripe yet, and left them beneath the plant. This week, Club President Allison Lilly taught him a lesson by consuming the few, barely-ripe blueberries we found yesterday.


  1. Mine have dug through the fence....nipped off all the wild violet heads......dumped my rain barrell....and left groundhog poo for the dog to roll in............
    I am not amused.

    (BUt your berries look great!) :)

  2. OMGooooosh! I imagine it takes a strong groundhog to knock over a rain barrel. Violet heads must give him strength. And LOL on the doggie perfume. Mine does that too.