Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Construction Recap: What You See So Far

If you have walked by the Public Health Garden recently, or been following our facebook page or here on the blog, you've probably noticed a lot of action!  We are deep into phase one construction for the Public Health Garden, implementing the winning design from Professor Nola's Masters Landscape Architecture Studio Class. Here is a recap of the work that has been done over the past two weeks:

1. UMD Facilities Management identified a major issue under the stairs (shown below) and sidewalk at the top of the site, so a team was brought in to fix the stairs, sidewalk, and build a retaining wall to address the problem:

2. After the retaining wall was completed at the top of the site, another construction team arrived to level the upper terrace of the garden:

3. After the upper terrace was leveled, our materials arrived for the garden's main retaining wall and the permeable pavers for the top of the garden.  The pavers and wall materials were donated by UMD alum, Alan Richardson, and his company Potomac Valley Brick.  All materials were placed in a staging area, shown below:

4. After the materials arrived, the construction team started working on the retaining wall and steps:

5. After the retaining wall was almost complete, a layer of gravel was placed on the site to prepare for the permeable pavers. The gravel is an important part of the paver installation as it will allow the water to permeate the upper terrace of the garden, instead of running off the top. 

Thank you to everyone who is working hard to get this infrastructure in place before the beginning of the semester.  The construction teams have done an amazing job so far!  Another huge thank you to UMD Facilities Management and Potomac Valley Brick.

Stay tuned for more updates and plenty of pictures of all the work.  Note, despite all the construction on the top of the site, we are still harvesting and working in the bottom of the garden.  Feel free to stop by and join us during our normal work hours.     

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