Monday, July 25, 2011

Spotlight: Lauren Messina

In the last few weeks, the Public Health Garden and several of our founders have enjoyed quite a bit of press and special attention however we've noticed that one of our hardest working members has been shying away from the spotlight.

Our solution? Throw her in our spotlight and highlight her contributions! Sorry if we make you blush, Lauren.

Lauren Messina, our Secretary and Food Aficionado, became interested in the Public Health Garden project after an evaluation of a school garden curriculum in her Family Science studies exposed her to the beauty and enthusiasm that grows in gardens. She decided that she needed some soil and seeds in her own life and has been sowing seeds in the Public Health Garden each Wednesday and Saturday. Not only has she lent her time, knowledge, leadership and support during volunteer hours, but she has taken on the task of soliciting new volunteers, starting a regular watering schedule, and regularly bringing new ideas to the table.

Last week, Lauren contributed dozens of her home-grown sunflowers to the garden-scape. Like her, they've added beauty and fun to the Public Health Garden. We are grateful for all that you do, Lauren! Thank you!


  1. Ohhh...why thank you for the kind words. I've really loved being involved in this project so far and look forward to continuing to work together on the garden!

  2. It looks like Lauren is doing great things with the public health garden!! Keep it up Lauren - your work is appreciated by all!