Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visit From Potomac Valley Brick

During our work day yesterday, we were lucky to have a visit from Alan and Chris of Potomac Valley Brick to take a look at all that has been accomplished at the Public Health Garden. 

The day started with picking up some more materials for the wall from the PVB warehouse. Here is the spot where we picked up some more of the materials donated for the retaining wall:

Chris came to visit the site and discussed with Bobby about the implementation of the permeable pavers and how to manage the water that is collected on the site:

Alan, UMD alum and President of PVB, visited us and gave us the thumbs up for a job well done so far! We are looking forward to having him and his team back to see the finished upper terrace of the garden and learn more from him about how the permeable pavers work!

Of course, we had to show our gratitude to Alan and Potomac Valley Brick with a thank you card and plenty of veggies.  Here is the harvest that Alan took home from our work day yesterday:

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  1. The site looks FANTASTIC. Walked by this morning and the crew taught me how to lay the pavers properly. What a great group of guys!