Friday, July 8, 2011

We have the best volunteers!

The Public Health Garden had another great volunteer session on Wednesday night. Our loyal helpers hand-pulled buckets upon buckets of emerging weeds, transplanted sunflowers and helped collect insects for a project with Great Kids Farm.

As always, the support didn't stop when the volunteer hours came to an end. Carin Celebuski, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Campus Arboretum, popped by on Thursday and fixed that leaky hose we've been struggling with for weeks. Before Carin properly mended the hose and gave us a fantastic new nozzle, we were taking turns keeping the leak to a minimum manually, as PHG President Allison Lilly is seen doing in the photo above. More fun pictures from our volunteer sessions can be found on our Facebook and Flickr pages. Feel free to add any of your own images as well!

Next up: "Saturday Support." We've got a lot of tomatoes and cucumbers that need staking so come ready to build a bamboo trellis for the cukes or tie knots to support tomatoes.

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