Thursday, August 25, 2011

Combat Stress with Gardening!

Stressed Out Students
As new and returning students prepare and begin to return to the dorms and local housing this weekend, we'd like to take a minute to plug our garden club. As you can see from the infographic above, courtesy of our friend Jen Rhee, college students can experience a lot of stress from a lot of different directions. While academic pressure may be hard to avoid, there are lots of great ways to keep it in check and combat the stress of relocating and making new friends. Our suggestion to those of you looking for a hobby and perhaps some new friends: Come on out to the Public Health Garden!

We are conveniently located right near the Scholars dorms and Eppley Recreation Center. Nurturing the land you live on, connecting with fellow students, and becoming part of a growing group (pun intended) of engaged and enthusiastic parents will not only ease the transition - it may help you fulfill community service requirements AND contribute to a fresh, local diet rich in produce.

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