Friday, September 2, 2011

Volunteers from The View!

After a great night on site building beds with volunteers, the Public Health Garden Girls spent the latter part of Thursday night serving locally grown veggies, in the form of Israeli Salad and Beet Cake, and recruiting new volunteers (and Facebook 'likes') at "The View," a student-filled apartment complex nearly on campus.

Both delicious dishes were gobbled up by new and returning students. Some returning for salad again and again! Quite a few students had heard about the garden, the goats, or "been wondering what was happening on the hillside by the gym." Just as many stopped in to chat about their interests and majors pertaining to food, the food system, environmental science, conservation, agriculture, health, wellness and community.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our upcoming volunteer hours (Mondays: 1:00-300pm and Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm).

Reminder to visitors who expressed interest in a position on our executive team: Send us your contact information via email to with the subject line: LEADERSHIP TEAM APPLICANT

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