Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post-Thanksgiving Stretch

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We know the end of the semester stretch can be a huge push with papers, finals, projects, and holiday shopping.  When you need to get your mind off these items, please be sure to join us at the Public Health Garden (we'll be out there every Thurs. afternoon). 

Some great ways to relieve stress:
  • hauling soil,
  • cleaning up leaves,
  • winterizing the garden,
  • discussing sustainable agriculture,
  • sharing recipes with friends,
  • applying for leadership position in the garden :)
That last one didn't quite fit, but please stay tuned for leadership applications for the garden team!  We are going to be looking for folks who want to get more involved.

See you out there!  Good luck recovering from your Thanksgiving food coma.  

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