Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye January: This week! Kicking off the semester the right way!

Thank you for voting for the open work hours on Facebook.  It looks like Mon 4-6 and Thurs 4-6 won! But, we also got lots of votes for Sat. So, let's do open work hours on Thurs 4-6 each week, and while the weather is still crummy have a "weather-rain-cold-date" on Mon 4-6.
Since Sat was so popular, as well as some other days, we would like to propose that people who are already signed up with the garden can come and garden when they like.  If you are interested in gardening at
times other than designated garden hours (Mon 4-6 and Thurs 4-6), let us know (publichealthgarden@gmail.com).  We will provide you with the shed codes and you can spend time on your own or with a friend.  We will create a task board and sign in sheet so that you can know what to do in the garden even if there isn't a big group. 

Thoughts?  Everyone like this idea?

Work hours start this Thursday 4-6 (after we hang out at the Wellness Expo at Stamp from 11-2).  Hope to see you out there. 

Also, check out today's Diamondback article about this semester in the Public Health Garden.

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