Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the Spring 2012 Semester in the Public Health Garden

New year, new semester in the Public Health Garden! 

Email/communications-logistics: We are going to be updating our email list and moving to a google-group.  Our apologies if you have asked to be removed from the email list and we haven't gotten to it yet.  If you would like to continue to receive messages from the Public Health Garden, please go to our google group page and "request membership".  If you would like to stop receiving messages, sit tight since we sent the last one out today. Reminder: the best ways to receive information about the garden is through the blog and facebook page.

Scheduling: We are thrilled to kick off the semester!  Please respond to the facebook poll a couple posts down on Facebook to help us schedule work hours this semester. It looks like Thurs 4-6 is winning.  Also, please let us know if you are interested in leading a work day (opening the shed, greeting new faces, helping organize tasks)! Email if you are interested. We will try to start work days next week (weather permitting).

Upcoming Events: Please let us know if you would like to come help represent the garden at the Terp Wellness Expo in the Stamp Union on Feb 2.  Please see the calendar for details. We are looking for volunteers each hour for one hour to man our table and talk with students about the garden. Email if you want to come by and what hours you are interested in. 

Get More Involved: If you want to come volunteer with us, or are looking at getting more involved, check out our How to Get Involved page on the blog. We are looking for people to help coordinate volunteer days, manage our social media, contribute to the blog, and more. Email us!  Let us know your ideas! 

We are exciting for the semester and can't wait to see you in the garden.  Good luck UMD with your first week of classes.

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  1. Its so hard to believe a new semester is here almost! They go by so fast these days :)