Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Financial Update

Yesterday the Office of Sustainability published the 2011-2012 Grant Recipients for the University Sustainability Fund on their website and in their weekly newsletter.  We would like to offer a big congratulations to all the recipients of the funding-- with a special "hurray!" to fellow UMD garden groups UMD Rooftop Community Garden and St. Mary's Garden Club who were each awarded funding for further development at their on-campus vegetable gardens.

Surprised the Public Health Garden wasn't on the list? 

We were disappointed to get the news as well. While the PHG submitted a detailed proposal to fund the remainder of our garden construction, including the terraced community garden beds on the hillside and the orchard and active-classroom space in front of the Eppley Recreation Center, our proposal was not selected for an award.

What does that mean for the Public Health Garden?

We will keep growing this semester without the funds. We are excited to be collaborating with the Agricultural Sorority who received $1000 to build the arbor at the top of the hill and with the National Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) at UMD to start implementing bio retention areas on the site. Of course, we will continue our work on the top of the garden and in the raised beds with the help of Ellen Polishuk and the Institute of Applied Agriculture. We are also planning, planting, and expanding weekly during our volunteer hours (Thurs 4-6 at the PHG).

While we are thrilled about the work we can do with our student supporters and volunteers, formal construction of the final design selected during the student landscape architecture competition last semester and approved by the UMD Architectural Design Standards Board will have to wait until we receive additional financial support.

To remind you what we are hoping to build, here is the video of the final design completed by the students last year:

Reminder: we have come so far in just over one year and will continue to keep growing!

How can you help us grow?

First, please share with us your experiences and support for the Public Health Garden via email at or on our facebook page- we could use some love right now and would like to share your words of support with our stakeholders.

Second, come out and volunteer with us during work hours on Thursdays at the garden between 4-6. Bring your ideas about how we can move forward and continue building.

Third, consider donating to the Public Health Garden via iMpact Maryland. We are hoping to raise $5,000 with iMpact Maryland to support important infrastructure on the site that will ensure we minimize soil erosion and runoff from the hillside. This is critical to the stewardship of the land the PHG is on and our surrounding environment.

Please send us questions, concerns or ideas to Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the garden soon.


  1. I think I'm going to look at it like this:

    In 2011, the Green Fund gave us $15,000+ in funding towards a teaching/community garden.

    In 2011, we worked so hard on the project that other departments and supporters on and around campus gave us expertise, countless hours of their time and labor, plants, seeds, discounts and donations that nearly quadrupled that original financial investment from the Office of Sustainability.

    In 2012, while looking through all the great projects that did and did not get funding for 2012, the folks at the Office of Sustainability took a look at our track record and realized that perhaps all we needed was their vote of confidence and a little start-up cash and that with or without that funding this year, the project, plants and community around the garden will continue to grow exponentially.

    In 2012, we will not only sustain - we will thrive.


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