Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prepping the Raised Beds

Thanks to a great group of volunteers, the raised beds in the teaching garden are 99% ready for spring planting.

The three middle beds contain a carefully calculated ratio of Maryland soil, local compost, and a potting medium that will nurture plants selected by Institute of Applied Agriculture instructors, farmers and horticulturalists. Within the next few weeks, signs will accompany the beds with information about the region of Maryland from which the soil was obtained and the plants that will be making themselves at home in these cozy cedar boxes. The beds on the periphery of the patio are slated to house a pizza garden and another yet-to-be-determined culinary-themed demonstration garden.

We're hoping to get our leafy green seeds into the Salad Tables during volunteer hours this coming week so mark your calendars for "salad seeding" this Thursday, March 1st 2012.

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