Monday, March 5, 2012

Seed Starting

Thanks to our regular gang and a regular volunteer turnout, we were able to get a our Salad Tables soiled and seeded, decorate pots and collection boxes for spring plant giveaways, AND get our first round of seeds started in the university greenhouse, where they will be cared for by Institute of Applied Agriculture Instructor Ken Ingram and his Greenhouse Management class.

What's growing in the greenhouse: Oregano, Bok Choy, Hybrid Chinese Cabbage, Endive, Escarole

What's growing in the Salad Tables: Dynamite Butterhead Organic Lettuce, Little Green Pearl Lettuce, Great Lakes Lettuce, Arugula

What we will need help seeding this Thursday March 8th: Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas, Beets (Early Wonder, Detroit Dark, Bolivar), Vitana Carrot, Radish (Rudolf, French Breakfast 2), Dill, Cilantro

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