Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beautiful Maryland Day

Words can't describe how lovely it was to celebrate Maryland Day 2012, marking one year since the Public Health Garden project officially broke ground - with Eco-Goat hooves in 2011. We had a incredible number of visitors return from last year to see progress and share in our admiration of how far the space has come. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the ongoing success of this project.

Throughout the day, we harvested radishes with our younger visitors and experienced the joy of witnessing/encouraging some of them to try the bright red, spicy veggies for the first time ever. One of our visitors, Jessica Lucas (pictured with shovel) of Liberty Christian School, expressed such a strong interest in gardening, she helped us ready the compacted section of soil for the soon-to-be-planted Three Sisters garden. Thanks, Jessica!

In addition to on-site fun, more than one hundred small basil, tomato and fish pepper plants were sent home to flourish in the gardens of Maryland alumni, staff, and local and regional residents.

Check out more pics on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

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