Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On The Hill Again

While the teaching, demonstration and community space on the top patio is looking fabulously green and exploding with happy plants, the hillside could use a little TLC in the next couple of weeks.

While we have intentionally allowed many cover crops to go to flower and attract beneficial insects, we have been keeping a close eye on pests and pulling invasive and problem vegetation with a quickness. Last week, we discovered a few rogue tomato plants and cosmos that had self seeded and popped up through the vetch and grasses. Since we've got a few months before formal construction on the next phases of the garden, we're going to go ahead and plant a few things in the flattest areas. So far we've put in a flat of pumpkins (courtesy of our friends at the St. Mary's Garden Club) and some Sungold Cherry tomatoes.

The areas of the hillside just below the top patio are growing dense with parsley and sprinkled with a few happy apple trees. Closer to the base of the hill, we've got some strong strawberry plants and berry bushes. All these hidden treasures could use a little help in terms of clearing weeds from the immediate areas around them so if you are hanging out this summer and looking to break a sweat, stay tuned to the blog for additional volunteer sessions and plantings. Right now we are looking at getting an early start this Thursday May 31st at 2:00pm.


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