Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garlic Harvest

While our new garden planner, Phil Capon, was planning and planting plots on the hillside, our new garden manager, Nathan Lim, harvested about 70 heads of garlic from the half-built bed on the terrace. The cloves were planted during the First Annual Harvest Festival in October 2011 and despite the less-than-ideal soil and nutrients available at the start, months of careful nurturing with soil amendments (like composted lobster shells and organic fish fertilizer) appear to have paid off.

Want to see what happens next? How garlic is cured? Stored? Used in cooking? Follow the story of our garlic on Allie and Deb's new website - scheduled to go live next week!


  1. What happens to the veggies once they are harvested? Any plans to sale them? I'd like to buy some.

  2. It contains a lots of vitamin as well as without it there is no curry. So it is the most important element. I like this. Thanks for sharing. Good job!!
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